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Justyna Osmańska Senior Coach

Justyna Osmańska (formerly Anuszewska) is a member of the Polish National Team and trains mainly in London. She has competed and medalled at numerous World and European Championships both as an individual and as a member of the Polish National Team. Justyna has a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree in Physical Education with a Major in Personal Training. Her expertise in plyometric and locomotion speed training is an asset to her being a fencing coach as she is able to maximise her students’ potentials whilst keeping them happy and fully engaged.


Key Achievements:

  • 2007 Prague European Championship U20 individual 9th place

  • 2008 Amsterdam European Championship U20 team 2nd place

  • 2009 Zagreb World Cup U20 individual 3rd place

  • 2011 Rome European World Cup U23 team 8th place

  • Multiple medalist in Polish Championship


  • Fencing Instructor in 3 Weapons

  • Gdansk University of Physical Education and Sport, Personal Trainer & Physical Recreation

  • Physical Preparation for Team Sports

  • Certificate of Physical Recreation Instructor - Fitness Instructor

  • Functional Training in Sport, Rehabilitation and Fitness Lower-Body and Core

  • Eccentric Training and Injuries Prevention

  • Emergency First Aid at Work Level 2 (QCF)                              

  • Safeguarding & Protecting Children Certificate    

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